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Eliminating Debt Through Chapter 13

Individuals for whom a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not the best may be able to obtain a debt repayment plan through filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. This form of bankruptcy allows debtors to pay a portion or all of their debt over a three-to-five-year payment plan.

Chapter 13 is complex and involves many rules. Without proper assistance, applicants may fail to submit necessary documentation on time and put their case at risk. As the founding attorney of the Law Office of Alan R. Solot, I have decades of bankruptcy experience that I will use to help you find the correct solution for your debt problems.

As your advocate, I will advise you candidly about your options and the outcome that you can expect. Throughout Arizona, I have a well-earned reputation for my legal knowledge and my excellent customer service. Contact my office today to learn how I can help you stop creditor harassment and move on with your life.

How Chapter 13 May Benefit You

Only individuals may pursue Chapter 13, where the debtor must file a Chapter 13 payment plan and have this plan approved. The vast majority of Chapter 13 plans do not require full payment of all debts.

Chapter 13 is the only form of bankruptcy that permits individuals to save their homes from foreclosures.  There may be other reasons that you could benefit from filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Depending on the terms of your plan, what you end up paying your creditors may be considerably less than the amount you initially owed.

Under a Chapter 13 plan, the debtor can be rid of numerous credit card debts by making one monthly payment through the Chapter 13 trustee. Your disposable income and other factors will determine how much you owe.

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